How many miles will you cover?

3,900 km, 2,400 miles or for the sea lovers out there 2,100 nautical miles

What is the current World Record ?

We will be the first mixed crew to complete the Route so will be setting the World record.

The current world record are from Tower Bridge in London we are starting from Southampton.

The World Record at the start of the last race in 2013 stood at 26 days, 21 hours & 14 minutes set by a crew of four men in 2005. This record was broken in the 2013 race with a new Guinness World Record set at 26 days, 9 hours and 9 minutes. The Ladies’ World Record stands at 51 days, 16 hours & 42 minutes, set in GB Row 2010.

How long do you expect to take?

We are aiming to beat the current mens record and will be packing 26 days of food

What is meant by non-stop and unassisted?


We will be rowing in shift of 2 hr on 2 hr off.


We will be carrying all own own food and water. The boat has a machine on-board to turn seawater into fresh for drinking. We are allowed to anchor at sea if the tide is too strong.

Where is the toilet?

How can we track you?

We will have a tracker on board that will update a page on this site once we set off