The Boat

The History of the Boat – Old Names, a New Beginning

All Relative

All Relative is the first boat built by Justin Adkin in 2005, of Sea Sabre based in Axminster. Once built Justin rowed All Relative with a crew of 4 across the Mid Atlantic route.

Go Commando

In 2007 it was renamed ‘Go Commando’ (by RM Orlando Rodgers who rowed across the Atlantic in 2007).


Seagals – 2011 GB Row

In 2011 it was again renamed ‘Seagals’ who rowed around Great Britain participating in GB Row 2011. They were the first all female crew to circumnavigate GB and still hold this record.

All Relative then took part in the 2011 Mid Atlantic race and was abandoned by the crew halfway across. The boat was discovered off the Dominican Republic by fisherman who claimed salvage rights.


All Relative – 2005 Atlantic Crossing

Simon Chalk bought the boat from them had it shipped back to the UK and spent close to 300hrs working on her.

We purchased the boat as a shell in 2015 and now need to give it a refit which is being done by it’s original builder Justin Adkins.