The Crew

Jeremy Webb :

Jeremy Webb

I have  participated in many outdoor pursuits over the years from - ice climbing in Scotland; mountaineering in the UK, Spain and the Alps to kayaking in Wales!  I started rowing in 2008 with the then newly formed Ilfracombe Pilot Gig Club. Whilst living in North Devon I was an active member of the club and won the Vets Championship in 2014. In November 2014 I rowed the Mid Atlantic as part of a 6 man crew skippered by Simon Chalk. We successfully rowed from Grand Canaria to Barbados in 39 days. We also  set a new Mid Atlantic 24 hr distance-speed record of 103.88nm in 24 hours. It was talking with Simon after the Atlantic that I had the inspirational idea to put a crew together to row round Britain.

A busy father of three – two girls and one boy. I am now living back in Southampton and working at the University of Southampton, still managing to compete for Ilfracombe.

Duncan Tebb :

Duncan Tebb

I started professional life right after secondary school and starting climbing the corporate ladder as quickly as I could - not really knowing why. My health, stress and waistline suffered. So 6 years ago I made a decision to make fundamental changes to my lifestyle and pursue a more active lifestyle.

6 Ironmans, 5 Ultra marathons and 1 Pacific Ocean row crossing later, I am well on my way to a happier, healthier more fulfilled life.

This event really appealed to me as it is a record attempt, it is close to my heritage in the UK and it is something I have not yet attempted (a coastal row).

As a past ocean rower, I am looking forward to the solitude, the sound and power of the ocean. She is very powerful and we are simply guests on her waters and we are really at her mercy. Being out there, just you and your crew-mates trying to survive, makes you feel more alive than ever!

I am not looking forward to the sleep deprivation. Anyone who says they are is either a liar or insane!!

Nigel Le Gassick :

Nigel Le Gassick

Rowing has long been a part of my life,  growing up as a member of various clubs on the Thames, Lancaster University BC & more recently as a coastal rower for Lyme Regis Gig Club. The call of training, competition and ultimately the water has always attracted me, so when the opportunity to be part of this challenge of endurance as well as trying to break a world record, I jumped at it.

Outside of rowing I enjoy travel and history and some of my best experiences include trekking in the Himalaya and travelling through Russia. I work full time as a Secondary History Teacher, have a 6 months year old daughter and a very supportive wife.

Aside from the physical demands, the tides and conditions make this a formidable task. With some significant endurance rowing experience on board in Jeremy and Duncan and Rhys with youth and a sporting pedigree of his own (and of course the appropriate qualifications under our belts) I am convinced we can do it. There are always a long list of sensible reasons for not attempting challenges like this, which in my opinion makes success even sweeter.

See you on the water!

Rhys Deane :

Rhys Deane

I describe myself as super adventurous and mad for a challenge. I first fell in love with rowing after joining Ilfracombe Gig Rowing club. The idea of putting everything you have behind the oar really appealed to my determined nature.

On first hearing about this expedition it was a no brainer, I knew immediately that I wanted to be part of something big and bold!

Previous expedition experience includes the Devon Coast to Coast, hiking in Norway and climbing in the Mont Blanc Region. I am also planning on taking part in this year’s Original Mountain Marathon.

I can't wait to see the British coastline from a truly unique perspective, roll on 2017.